Red Hot Chillies



Red Hot Chillies – a Blown Glass Chandelier created by the artist for a private residence in Delhi is a compilation of individually blown ‘Chilli like’ glass which come together to form a brilliant explosion of Red Glass under projected light.

More than 110 ‘Chilli’ were hand blow, each into a unique shape and assembled together to form this mesmerizing installation.

The chandelier is 6 feet in width & 6 feet in height suspended from a 14 feet high ceiling.

Harappan Bull


This Cast glass depiction of the Harappan Bull is inspired by the seals found at The Indus Valley Civilization (a.k.a Harappan Civilization) which arose approximately at 6000BC in Northern India . 

The Indus Valley Civilization is considered one of the world’s earliest urban civilizations, along with its contemporaries, Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt . These seals are alleged to be the genesis of the written word for the Indian civilization and also indicative of global trade among the populations.

The Harappan bull is intensely symbolic of the evolution of the Indian Civilization and was thus, chosen by the artist as his inspiration to create an immense cast glass installation at the Lemon Tree Hotel at Aerocity, New Delhi where the back lighting plays with the depth of the glass & aims to capture the tranquility of the era it represents.

The installation is a towering 6 feet tall & 6 feet wide structure & comprises of 36 blocks of cast glass, each 1.5 inches thick.

Roundels by blown glass



Blown Glass Roundels are created via a delicate process involving gathering of molten glass at the end of a blow pipe by the glass master who then blows into the pipe to create an air bubble inside the molten glass mass. On reaching a desired expansion, the mass is cut & professionally spun leading to the centrifugal & gravitational forces creating a beautiful roundel. Each piece is unique & when installed together they form a enigmatic play of glass & light.

This Blown Glass Roundel Installation is 12 feel wide & 4 feet tall & can be found at Lemon Tree Hotel, Gurgaon, India

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